Warmups & Wakeups


Warmups are a tool to start workshops off on the right foot. They introduce participants to each other, to the workspace, and to the mindset that they'll be embracing through the day.

Wakeups are like warmups, but are used during the workshop to re-energize the team. They take some of the pressure off that sometimes builds during a workshop, and can realign everyone after a break from the Zoom call.

Five activities that you can use

Artifact: Our history lives in the things we keep along our journeys. Share your artifact.

  1. Take a picture of a small, nearby item of significance to you.

  2. Place it on the MIRO board next to your name.

  3. In 60 seconds, tell us the story of your artifact and its meaning to you.

Two Truths and a Lie:

Learn about each other. Tell a harmless lie. Subvert expectations.

  1. Write three statements about yourself. Two must be true and one a lie.

  2. Place your statements on the MIRO board next to your name.

  3. Once you read your statements aloud, let the team guess the lie.

About Me:

Everybody learns. Everybody eats. Everybody has a story to share.

  1. This activity must be completed prior to the workshop.

  2. On your board, find your name and share a picture of yourself.

  3. Share a picture that represents this year so far for you.

  4. Tell us one thing that you learned recently.

  5. Share a picture of your favorite food.

  6. In 60 seconds, Introduce yourself and what you contributed to your board.

Would You Rather:

Sometimes you have to choose what you'd rather do. Or be. There is no middle ground.

  1. Ahead of the workshop, place the participants' names in the boxes across the board.

  2. Reading off each scenario, one by one.

  3. Move your name to the side you would rather be/like

That's it. Have fun!

How I Work:

We all have preferences for how we work with each other. Might be good to share that!

  1. Ahead of the workshop, place the participants' names and titles (in pairs) on the board.

  2. Find your name and pick one of each trait and slide it under your name.

  3. Once your done, each person will playback the other person's board.


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