Discovery Trees for FaST Agile


Agile teams commonly invest a lot of time upfront in backlog refinement, research spikes, sprint planning, and tasking work into smaller units of value for delivery. But not all work is knowable or decomposable upfront - lots of innovative, research or emergent work defies easy planning.

Try Discovery Trees, a simple and logical way to map out work without investing any time upfront with research spikes and detailed tasking. Move faster and deliver value quicker using this simple method.

Discovery Trees evolved and emerged from the need to effectively visualize work for analysts, project managers and other stakeholders with the first implementation of FaST (Fluid Scaling Technology for Agile). They have been heavily influenced by Ron Quartel, Quinn Gil, Paige Watson, and Steve Kuo. They continue to evolve with language anchored within FaST and are used across countless organizations using a wide range of Agile and non-Agile frameworks.

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