Designing Your Circular Transition


This digitalised toolkit contains eight tools that guide you through a circular innovation process and provide you with the resources you need along the way.

This is a resource for companies and organizations who want to work more creatively and collaboratively in their team or organization towards circularity.

Each tool has an explanatory video, step-by-step process guides and the post-its you need for the different exercises in Miro. Next to each tool, you have a concrete example of how the tool can be applied.

Some of the tools are unique to our methodology, and some are borrowed from, or inspired by, work from other organizations.

We’ve put together this toolkit through inputs from partners and engaged individuals and tested it on a continuous basis with companies and organisations.

Our goal is to keep developing the toolkit - thus we always appreciate feedback and inputs.

Feel free to reach out to us at any point!


DDC - Danish Design Center image
DDC - Danish Design Center
Designing for Action@DDC - Danish Design Center
// Design is our method and mindset // Using design as a method and mindset, we’ve worked with thousands of companies and organizations to focus their innovation efforts by enabling them to do what designers do best; expand their perspectives and zoom in on the needs of humans, societies, and our planet. With design knowledge, problem-solving know-how, and hands-on tools we empower businesses and organizations to innovate with greater impact.

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