Design Sprint


Take the Risk Out of Innovation

Design Sprints are a proven, repeatable process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products or services, or improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into just a few days.

Avoid Big Investments in Untested Ideas

Learn what customers want before investing months and millions on something they may not use or understand. Design Sprints help teams validate solutions quickly and effectively so you can focus on giving your customers what they truly want.

About Wily’s Design Sprint Template

Designed for teams of up to 8 people, this template gives you a step-by-step guide for executing each stage of the Design Sprint process:

  • Gain alignment

  • Map your challenge

  • Select a sprint target

  • Sketch competing solutions

  • Decide on the best solution

  • Build a realistic prototype

  • Test with target customers


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Design Sprint Agency
Wily helps change agents tackle complex challenges, validate ideas quickly + kickstart projects through Sprint workshops that get big things done…fast. Why walk or crawl when you can SPRINT?
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