Design Sprints

Design Sprint: Supply Room

The Design Sprint Supply Room template is our solution to keeping Design Sprints on task and avoiding lost or confused participants mid sprint.

The supply room contains all the instructions, visuals, and supplies for each activity. Use this board in concert with the Design Sprint Participant Room. You’ll copy the instructions and supplies from the supply room into the Participant Room as needed, just in time.

We also recommend creating a “recap” board. As activities end, copy the outputs of the activity into your recap. Then participants will have a clean board to start the next activity. It’s sort like cleaning up the room and erasing the whiteboard between activities.

Having run Design Sprints with many clients, we at Voltage Control iterated to identify the best way to run remote Design Sprints. Moving in between individual Miro boards for each corresponding activity became an ongoing distraction for both Facilitators and Participants.


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