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Design Backlog

The design backlog is meant to help designers better plan their future sprints by having a visual representation of all the work that needs to be done.

Who is this for?

This template works best for designers working in teams where they work on multiple marketing campaigns across a variety of customer touch points. However, it can also be used for teams who are working on multiple projects with a hard deadline.

The board is meant to be completed as a collaborative effort across all designers within the team, as well as any other relevant stakeholders who are involved in each campaign.

How to use the board:

  1. Start by writing down all the campaigns and their live dates for the column titles.

  2. Write all the marketing channels as row titles - Make sure to include only the channels that would require design work.

  3. Write down all the required tasks needed under each channel - List down all the tasks that needs to be done. Remember that 1 sticky note = 1 task.

  4. Colour-code each sticky note by the designer who's taking on the work.

  5. Include the tasks into sprints - Try to plan out 2-3 sprints ahead to flag if there are any sprints that would require more support or if there is work that needs to be removed.

  6. Transfer each sticky note into epics and stories.

More information is presented in the board for steps on how to use.


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