Create Your Superhero


A really fun and engaging team activity to help you get to know each other. Create your very own superhero and take time to think about your superpowers and secret weapons. How are you when you are at your very best, when you're using up all of your potential? What strengths do you bring to the team? This activity can be part of a team building workshop exploring each other's strengths or even as a quick ice breaker as part of a retro or other workshop.

It's really easy to use. Grab a superhero fact-file template, put some superhero music on. Use the pre-created images or be as creative as you like, then present your superhero back to the group. AWESOME!


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Jenny Martin
Collaboration Coach @Collaborate Solutions Ltd
An independent trainer and facilitator in collaborative agile and product development techniques and behaviours of high performing teams. Motivated by seeing teams and individuals flourish - when their collective intelligence and diverse experience come together to achieve awesome things, and when their individual strengths can shine. Passionate about inclusivity and fascinated by all kinds of brains. Quite silly. Stuck in the 1980s
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