Cover Story Mockup


The purpose is to envision an ideal future state for your organization. Let go of all doubts and imagine a future state that is so awesome that it landed your organization in a well-known magazine.


If your organization was so successful that the media is taking notice and wrote about your efforts,

what would it say?

  1. Everyone claims a space by double-clicking, "Firstname Lastname" and adding their name on the dotted line.

    1. TIP: You can double-click on the text in the layout to edit it.

  2. Choose a publication. Double-click Publication Name and change it to your actual publication name

  3. Write a headline that introduces the BIG success story.

  4. Write a lead paragraph & body paragraph to convey the substance of the cover story.

  5. Fill in the sidebar on the right of the layout with revealing interesting facets.

  6. Add pull-quotes credited to anyone that is related to the story.

  7. Include images, bar graphs, pie charts, and percentages that support the content throughout your


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Voltage Control
Facilitation Academy
Voltage Control is a facilitation academy that develops collaborative leaders through certification programs for product innovators, executives, consultants, and educators. Today's leaders are confronted with unprecedented uncertainty and complex change. Navigating this uncertainty requires a systemic facilitative approach to gain clarity and chart pathways forward. We prepare today's leaders for now and what's next.
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