Start Within: Learn How Work Gets Done


The fact-finding mission to identify the formal processes and informal rules for how work gets done in your organization.

Uncovering how work really gets done will save you and your team from missteps along the way and builds trust across the organization to learn the best way forward.

Complete this activity alone and then share with others to start a conversation, or use this with teams to uncover new insights, roadblocks, and opportunities.

This is not about being negative or critical about the current state of the organization.


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Voltage Control
Facilitation Academy
Voltage Control is a facilitation academy that develops collaborative leaders through certification programs for product innovators, executives, consultants, and educators. Today's leaders are confronted with unprecedented uncertainty and complex change. Navigating this uncertainty requires a systemic facilitative approach to gain clarity and chart pathways forward. We prepare today's leaders for now and what's next.
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