Start Within: Find Your Alignment


Find Your Alignment helps you determine how your idea can be shifted or re-positioned to connect with and support business objectives.

Align your idea to the business needs through exploring and identifying the 3 types of objectives: defined, fuzzy, and idea-focused.

Complete this activity alone and then share with others to start a conversation, or use this with teams to uncover new insights, roadblocks, and opportunities.

Finding the sweet spot is exciting, but don't lose sight of the neighbors—the overlaps between 2 areas should also be explored.


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Voltage Control
Facilitation Academy
Voltage Control is a facilitation academy that develops collaborative leaders through certification programs for product innovators, executives, consultants, and educators. Today's leaders are confronted with unprecedented uncertainty and complex change. Navigating this uncertainty requires a systemic facilitative approach to gain clarity and chart pathways forward. We prepare today's leaders for now and what's next.
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