Company-wide Retrospective


Company-wide Retrospective

This template will help you organize productive cross-functional retrospectives. You can use it for monthly & quarterly company-wide reviews to encourage continuous problem-solving and innovative thinking.

The first block will guide functional teams to single out the most important challenges and accomplishments to share with the rest of the company, while keeping their presentation concise and time-efficient.

The second block will help to facilitate productive discussion during the live presentation, and invite all teams to share feedback and ask follow up questions.

The structure of the two blocks makes this template perfect for quarterly OKR reviews.

Who will find it useful

Leaders and managers of functional teams who need a structured way to share information among several departments. The instructions are straightforward and the template is understandable at a glance which is why your team will pick it up fast and make the board their own.

Why bother with retrospectives?

Every functional team in your company holds important knowledge that might be crucial for the next great breakthrough.

Unfortunately, we never know exactly what information is missing and would help to see new opportunities clearly. That is why teams need a shared space to communicate learnings and ask each other questions in regards to their experiences.

Regular retrospective reviews is a healthy habit of successful businesses.


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