Coaching and Consulting Businesses


We believe that software is an essential tool for coaches and consultants to impact their clients' lives at scale, yet a few professionals can get the most out of it. We help our coaches by providing them with our all-in-one business management platform, insights, and best practices on how to grow and scale their organizations.

We use this board to support coaches and provide them a source of clarity, ideas, and practical knowledge, as well as ready-to-use templates. Coaches and consultants benefit from this board at any stage of their careers.


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Alina Trigubenko
I help coaching, consulting and training organizations run and scale their businesses with our end-to-end secure platform, so they can focus on serving clients. We at Profi do this as a strategic technology partner that provides a holistically designed operating platform that handles everything from providing a single secure coach & client portal to cover the entire service delivery process, billing, multi-coach workflow support and more
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