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Build a blueprint

How to make your cloud migration a transformation

Make the journey to cloud more than just a copy and paste, and instead take the opportunity for a transformation.

Why create a blueprint?

A blueprint helps you explain where you've come from and where you are going into the future with Atlassian Cloud. Most importantly, it helps you find your narrative on why and how to make the move. Done early in your Cloud migration planning, this can help you confidently decide exactly what will migrate, from where to where, who and when.

It is especially useful if you feel that your current setup is not optimised and need to investigate the value unlocked by transformation.

Who to invite to run the workshop?

It's import to run this with a well rounded crew of stakeholders, such as system administrators, project leads, end users and business strategy and operations experts who can contribute to designing your future state in cloud. You want to assemble a team that will embrace the pros and cons of different cloud architectures, so that you arrive at the right design.

At the end of this workshop you’ll produce what is known in the industry as a tenant map, which visualises your migration paths.

How to use the blueprint?

Key steps:

  1. Determine your dream state in Cloud - How will you organise your teams in Cloud that best supports your future way of working?

  2. Audit what you have on Server - How are your teams organised today on Server?

  3. Bring your present and future state ideas onto the one map

  4. Don’t forget apps and integrations attached to your core data and how they will move

  5. Map where you data will more from and to, and at what rate of change (all at once, by cohort or by start fresh).

  6. Convert your tenant map into a Project timeline

Detailed instructions are provided on the Mire board itself when you use this template. Also, check out the demo video below!

Presto - you’ve got a strategic plan for your move to Cloud!

Designing the right tenant map may take multiple rounds and is best done iteratively, in consultation with the wider business. Plan for a series of 1-2hr workshops.

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