Chart Doktor's Data Question Map


This map helps you turn mysterious user requirements into a fantastic dashboard or data product.

A data question is a question a dashboard user has that data can answer. Turns out that every user need (or dashboard requirement) is actually a question.

Explicitly formulating those questions (together with the users) is crucial for building data products that are understandable and helpful.

Use the map to locate where you are on your road to the perfect data question, then use the card deck to find the right questions to ask the users to move along the road.

This map is for data UX designers, data analysts and everyone who creates dashboards and data products.


Evelyn Münster image
Evelyn Münster
Data Visualization Designer@Chart Doktor
I absolutely love Miro! It is the perfect tool to work on our Data Question Map, with your team and with your users as well. This template was originally created for our mini workshop about data questions. For an in-depth explanation please refer to the workshop, link below.
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