Has your team just picked up Miro and are ready to conquer your first sprints and mapping? Then you should conquer the fundamentals first! While Miro is incredibly intuitive, we have found in our Innovation courses that not all members develop their Miro skills at the same rate. Everyone is able to use Miro however we have created a board to help those members of your team who may not be used to digital interfaces or for whatever reason require a bit more practice in order to flourish. This is a fun, light-hearted board which is completed in under 30 minutes. It is sure to lift the spirits of anyone who feels intimidated by moving onto new digital platforms

When should you use Tuskfish Trail?

  1. If you are looking to move your team onto Miro for the first time and want a fun way to introduce them to the platform.

  2. For any user’s you find to be struggling picking up the new platform in comparison to teammates.

  3. When recommending Miro to friends and business partners! This is an ideal board for a Miro beginner, why not provide that extra step to get them used to the platform quickly?

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