In a small company you often have 10 different roles and responsibilities. You're the cleaner, administrator, HR manager, strategist, sales representative and developer. All at the same time. As your company grows, you get more and more focused. But what are the tasks that need to be done to make a company run smoothly? What does it take to professionalise your business?

This mindmap, based on more than 70 blogs, is a brave attempt to get a grip on what makes companies successful. In medium-sized or large organisations many of the topics in this overview are the responsibility of full-timers, even entire teams. As such, it's no surprise that entrepreneurs something get overwhelmed.

How can you use this mindmap?

This overview is definitely not a comprehensive, single-source of truth. Rather see it as a source of inspiration. To get a better grip on the activities within your organisation. Use it as a tool to kickstart conversations about roles and responsibilities. Or as a means to explore which areas are right on track within your business, and which deserve more attention.

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Happy entrepreneuring!