Creating a Coaching Alliance with STORMMES

A great way to get a start with a new client or new coaching objective is to create a coaching agreement. International Coach Federation offers a sample of such an agreement on its website. STORMMES is a sample model you can use to gain greater clarity on the client’s goal and how you will work together for success.

This coaching alliance can be used with an individual for 1-1 coaching or with a team.

Using the template is simple. Just start at the top, read out the question, and have a brief discussion with the client. Then invite the client to write down the answer in their own words.

Filling out the template typically takes 30-60 minutes.

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Michael de la Maza is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) based in San Francisco. He is the co-founder of and the co-editor of the "Best Agile Articles" book series. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT.
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