Campfire Retrospective


Let's all go to the campfire! Where we can discuss things openly, and even make a smore.

There is an icebreaker option to make a smore with your team. Take an opportunity to do this and take note of who like burnt marshmallow, golden brown, and what kind of chocolate. This is an opportunity to break the ice and have a quick chat, and set the stage. Everyone's opinions are valued and important. We are here to seek continuous improvement and learn.

This is an Open Discussion Format Retroformat

This is a platform to openly discuss various topics with the team. The primary objective is continuous improvement.

5 Minutes - Gather Topics:

Each team member takes a moment to note down pain points, wins, and other thoughts related to the last sprint.

These points are written on sticky notes for further discussion.

All inputs are considered valid.

3-5 Minutes - Clarify and Group Topics:

Quick clarification of topics if needed.

Group similar responses together.

Use the tool in Miro or provided dots for voting on topics.

1 Minute - Select Topics for Discussion:

Place a marshmallow on the topics with the highest votes.

30-45 Minutes - Discuss each topic starting with the highest-voted item

Move these selected topics to a designated 'campfire' area for discussion as you discuss them.

5 Minutes - Action Items and Ownership:

Develop and document actionable steps for the team. Ensure that each action item has a clear owner for accountability.


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