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The reality is that organizations do not have unlimited money or resources to spend on every product and service they think of, so how do you choose what to move forward with? Using the buy a feature template helps us determine what to proceed forward with, whether you’re involved in a multi-billion dollar business or an early stage company. This exercise is a staple when looking at where to make investments as it is based around ruthless prioritization. Use the steps below to begin roadmapping your next feature!

How to use this template

Start by listing features you would like to consider for your product or idea. Create a set of possible features (one per sticky note). Give them prices from $1-10 depending on how much effort they will take and the impact they might have. Next, you’ll want to begin placing these possible features into categories. The categories to use are:

  • Primary: Most impactful

  • Parking lot: Nice to have

  • Recycling: Likely won’t have

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