Board Contents


The Board Content Template can be used as an organized starting point for all the content in your board

How to use the Board Content Template

Step 1: Welcome your Team Members

Identify the name of the board by adding a title to the board contents. You can be creative and put team members' names, a quote, or a message to welcome them.

Step 2: Add Titles to the Stickies

Boards can be confusing, with a lot of content. Organize and add titles to areas team members will be collaborating in. This is the starting point where team members will be able to locate and travel to work areas on the board efficiently.

Step 3: Link to Functionality

Link to the area the team members will collaborate (working area) and then link back to the board contents.

Once your board is ready, share with your team and identify the Board Content Template as the starting point.

Hope this helps your board become more effective and efficient!

#Lean all day, every day!


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Thomas Lencki Jr.
USNH Enterprise Lean Team@University System of New Hampshire
Tom is a Lean Master Black Belt at the University System of New Hampshire where he co-instructs Lean at the Intro, Yellow, Green and Black Belt Levels. Tom also facilitates and is passionate about helping teams become more efficient, while looking at their work through a Lean lens.
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