Behavior Design Mapping (Journey)


This map is a behavior micro-journey and should be feeding from a higher level map.

This map could be adapted to be used for building a new product as well as improving existing ones using Behaviorial Science Principles.

It includes the Components of the COM-B Model to make sure that what you are building still does not cause unnecessary friction (sometimes designing for friction is good).

This Journey should help you understand from a behavior perspective what is making an experience difficult for you customer or user.

You should already know a chosen behavior you are looking to drive and then map backwards from that behavior.

The Lanes

The Map has different lanes:

Stages: These can help you understand the high level organization of the actions

Actions: The behaviors the actors have to perform (these should be observable)

Friction: The friction level in the experience

Influences on Behavior: Using the COM-B model to map




Intervention Strategy Ideas: Things we can think of that would be able to deal with the barriers influencing the behavior.

Other Possible lanes: Depending on your project you may want to add other lanes.


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Robert Meza
Founder@Aim For Behavior
We help product, service and innovation teams solve complex problems by applying behavioral science, psychology and human centred design principles. We work with teams to uncover the right opportunity, validate and design the right interventions and test the solutions.
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