Behavior Design for Business v1


The Aim of this framework is to help guide you on how to apply behavioral science for business as a lens in innovation, design, change and decision making in products, services and processes for your employees and customers.

We use behavioral science principles (the COM-B Model and Behavior Change Wheel) in this framework and we explain the process of defining behaviors, addressing barriers and applying interventions.

Understanding your customers and employees behavior will help you address the right barriers and design the right interventions.

The goals:

  • To help you understand how to combine Human Centred Design and Behavioral Science

  • To let teams who have never applied behavioral science learn and eventually gain competence in changing behavior

  • To make behavioral science more accessible to all with a proven methodology

This framework can help you:

  • Increase engagement in a product or service

  • Increase sales of products or services

  • Develop new products or services

  • Increase success of Innovation Initiatives

  • De-risk your strategy

  • Increase compliance

  • Reduce sludge

  • Plan culture and change for organizations

  • Increase the success of Public policy

  • Incrasse the likelyhood of Sustainability

Teams that use this framework:

  • UX and Product Designers

  • CX Professionals

  • Change Management and Transformation leaders

  • Service Designers

  • Innovation Professionals


Robert Meza image
Robert Meza
Founder@Aim For Behavior
We help product, service and innovation teams solve complex problems by applying behavioral science, psychology and human centred design principles. We work with teams to uncover the right opportunity, validate and design the right interventions and test the solutions.
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