Balance Wheel (Goals)


Goal setting is a frequently ignored or misunderstood concept. Few bother to brainstorm on their goals and even fewer bother to write them down.

The balanced wheel is a micro-structure to help brainstorm and think deeply about all aspects of your life. The tool is based on work from legendary coaches. The difference here is that you can use a online whiteboard tool to make it more collaborative and effective. And since this is grounded in cognitive psychology, some of the myths of "you can only have one goal" are systematically debunked to take you outside of your current comfort zone and unlock your future potential.

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Ahmed Avais
Technical Delivery Leader@Agile 7
Ahmed Avais, a distinguished Agile Coach and Human Systems Dynamics Professional, has over two decades of experience guiding organizations across healthcare, finance, and transportation sectors. He holds prestigious titles including Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). His expertise has been instrumental in driving success and innovation for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized firms, and startups across the USA, Europe, & Asia.
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