Team Building

Hybrid Traits Canvas

The Hybrid Traits is a model that helps exploring the traits in a person that go beyond the usual set of hard skills, and are made to grow as a more rounded professional. It includes a combination of professional skills (skilled, responsible, proactive, learner) and personal skills (adaptive, compassionate, individuated, empathetic). The canvas can be used for self-reflection, or in a more coaching session, to help growth.

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Erin 'Folletto' Casali
Head of Design@Jetpack
Erin is a polymath with 12+ years of experience in remote work and she is Head of Design for Jetpack in Automattic, probably the largest distributed company in the world, which she helped to grow from 200 to 1200 people worldwide. Her particular expertise includes remote leadership practices and strategies, organization design, mental health — and of course, design.

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