Baking Lean Boards


Why use it? 

As seen in our Baking Lean Workshop session at Miro Distributed 2021. You can plan and design your workshop in 5 steps. Plan your workshop, always planning for a pre, during and post session. Focus on your participants' needs and design an experience in Miro with minimum effort and maximum results. Using building blocks, templates and more Miro features save time and obtain great results. 

How to use it? 

👉 First, start with your brief, we recommend you use our KWL+N (Know, wonder, learn, and next) this is an easy way to break your brief and focus on what matters. Ask questions about your brief, clarify workshop goals, do your research and inform your workshop decisions. 

👉 Our workshop planner will support you and your team to have a clear direction by defining: workshop goals, participants, format or/and location, requirements, workshop key moments, team roles and a planner. 

👉 Define every step of your workshop by defining what needs to be done previous to the session, during and after. Define steps, time needed and resources needed for every step. Consider what needs to happen before your session, e.g. train participants with key Miro skills or align participants in key definitions.  Remember always to design what will happen before, during and post your session. Activating workshop outcomes is as important as your workshop make sure you cover this key phases: Pre, During and Post. 

👉 Test your workshop, it doesn't matter it is not done yet, it is important to test if your steps will provide the results needed from your participants. Keep your workshop objectives in mind, do not fall for cool and fun activities that might not be productive for your participants. Iterate and learn! 

👉 Once you have tested your workshop journey now you can start getting creative for the design of your session. Look for inspiration, do not start from 0, brainstorm your creative idea, define your colour palette, font styles, graphic resources, and create some sketches of your applied style. 

👉 Create your experience statement, design your workshop according to your defined styles, create components easy to replicate and define materials needed for your Post workshop. 

👉 Now that the design is ready, create your detailed agenda, make sure you share all needed details in your workshop invite, and verify you are ready with our checklist, make sure you have everything ready to make the best our your workshop! 

And have fun, always have fun, your energy is necessary to make the best of your session, happy baking! 🎉

What have we used it for?

☝️ Define our Miro Distributed 2021 community session: Baking a lean workshop. 

☝️ Design workshops for teams. 

☝️ Design online events. 

☝️ Create internal templates.

☝️ Create Miroverse templates.


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