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AI Logo Toolkit — Evaluating logotypes from an inclusive design perspective.

When it comes to branding, there is a risk to treat brand identities as mere visual elements, instead of as complex artefacts that are vital to brand communication. Since the introduction of Generative AI in the branding practice, and logotype and brand generators becoming a reality, a critical approach to branding is needed more than ever.

What does the toolkit stand for?

This toolkit combines bibliographic research, design best practices and design techniques to act as a companion during the brand design process, especially relevant when using AI brand generators.

What will you get from it?

You'll develop a critical approach that will allow you to make the best out of your brand proposals, seen from an inclusive design perspective. In the end, you will have a document in which all your design decisions will be justified, acting as the base to develop a better brand. Completing the toolkit will take around two hours per logotype.

How to use the toolkit?

The toolkit is divided between six different sections; the first one, the introduction, will provide useful definitions and basic starting concepts. Then, you will evaluate your logotype according to the parameters of originality, sensitivity, modularity and adaptability, to come into a conclusion at the end of the toolkit. All you have to do is to navigate the boards from left to right and follow the instructions written on them.

When to use the toolkit?

Though you can use the toolkit at any point in the brand design process, it is recommended to use it as an evaluation tool during the final phases. It is especially useful for comparing several logotypes, and can be used in a group or individually.

You can also always use this toolkit with logotypes that weren't AI-generated.

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