Accelerate - Book Club Guide


This board contains a complete book club guide including outline, exercises, and instructions for facilitation for the book Accelerate, written by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, and Nicole Forsgren.

If you're looking to improve your software delivery performance, this board provides learning and change scaffolding.

Whether you're reading the book by yourself or as a group, these exercises can help you better understand the concepts of the book.

This book club guide was designed and created by Anna Grönqvist, Margareta Sandelius, Daniel Klintbo, and Viktor Cessan.


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Viktor Cessan
Organization coach@Cessan Lean and Agile Coaching AB
Hi, I'm Viktor! Located in Stockholm, Sweden, with a background in Product. I do context specific agile, product, and organizational coaching. I ground my work in science and academia. I'm methodology agnostic, and have found that different frameworks, and techniques are useful in different contexts. Read my blog, and find more of my content on
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