7 Ice Breakers


7 Ice breakers to make your team active and bring them together!!!

Draw what comes in your mind first

  • The idea of the game: To make everyone draw what comes in their mind first and stitch a story together.

  • The Facilitator: Divides the team into two groups: team A & B.

  • Teams job: Each member must draw, what comes in their mind first on a sticky note. Make sure there is no text/explanation with the drawing.

  • How it ends: Every individual must guess what the other team member has drawn and write a short description. For example for team A - Tom will guess for John, John will guess for Rebecca and so on. The team with the best story wins.

Remote Riddle

  • The idea of the game: The riddle game is a formalized guessing game.

  • The Facilitator: Will post random riddles (green).

  • Teams job: The participants need to guess the right answers.

  • How it ends: Mark the correct answers and give points. Make sure to post one riddle at a time. 

Three alternate jobs

  • The idea of the game: Is to get to know the team member's interest and passion in other fields.

  • The Facilitator: Asks to choose three alternative jobs - except their current role.

  • Teams job: Everyone will put up their interested profiles on to the post below their names.

  • How it ends: Everyone individually talks about their passion and explains their interests to the team.

Thought process

  • The idea of the game: Is to challenge everyone's thought process and creativity.

  • The Facilitator: Proposes the following scenario: "Imagine you see three ants walking in a row and the last ant says "I am the first!"

  • Teams job: The team will be given time to put down their thoughts: Why is the last ant telling "I am the first!"?

  • How it ends: When no one has any more ideas.

The happiest quest from past present and future

  • The idea of the game: Is to engage the team to know each other better.

  • The Facilitator: Asks the team to share their happiest experiences from past, present and ideas about their future.

  • Teams job: Each member fills out sticky notes with icons or pictures.

  • How it ends: After everyone share their experiences.

 Where do we come from and what is famous

  • The idea of the game: Is to understand more about the team members origin.

  • The Facilitator: Prepares the frame along with a map.

  • Teams job: Each team member shows their home town on the map, and add images of famous places and food.

  • How it ends: Once everyone is done, they explain the beauty of their place with creative images.

Communicate your product

  • The idea of the game: Is to come up with creative ads, where random characters promote random products.

  • The Facilitator: Prepares a number of characters and products to choose from: monkey promoting a lawn mower, a squirrel promoting a life jacket... In this case for example a zebra promoting a tooth paste

  • Teams job: Come up with an advertisement in 10 minutes with the help of a simple story board (4 - 5 key slides)

  • How it ends: Everyone will explain their advertisement story to the team.

Hope you enjoy the Ice breakers :) 


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