6 Thinking Hats Brainstorming with AI


Step into the world of multi-dimensional brainstorming with the "6 Thinking Hats Brainstorming with AI assistance" template on Miroverse! This template equips you with a dynamic structure to explore issues from six distinct perspectives, supported by AI to ensure comprehensive discussions and innovative outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Six-Hat Method Guidance: Navigate through the brainstorming process with AI suggestions tailored for each of the Six Thinking Hats, promoting thorough analysis and diverse viewpoints,

  • Collaborative Digital Workspace: A virtual whiteboard enables real-time collaboration with your team and AI, fostering rich, multifaceted brainstorming sessions,

  • AI-Integrated Recommendations: As you swap hats and explore different angles, AI provides data-driven insights to enhance decision-making.

Ideal for:

  • Leaders and teams committed to deep-diving into complex problems

  • Educators and facilitators driving engaging, interactive learning sessions

  • Innovators and strategists crafting well-rounded, robust solutions


  • Promote balanced and inclusive brainstorming and/or discussion with varied analytical approaches

  • Draw upon AI to unlock hidden insights and drive creative thinking

  • Turn collaborative sessions into a springboard for actionable next steps in your development

Discover the "6 Thinking Hats Brainstorming with AI assistance" template and wear the hat of innovation as you navigate through challenges with clarity and creativity.


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