2 Truths 1 Lie Icebreaker


2 truths 1 lie is a perfect ice breaker to greet new members to the team or set an exciting tone when a group of people comes together for a workshop or project. Get to know each other in a fun and quick team-building activity!

Preparation step:

  1. Ask each participant to prepare 3 facts about them. 2 should be truth and 1 a lie

  2. Create each participant a card to fill in

  3. Ask them to add 3 facts, their photo and name

    1. 💡 Hint: To add avatar, use replace image feature

    2. 💡 Hint: To make avatar in the shape of circle, use mask

  4. Ask participants to hide fact that is a lie behind the emoji square

    1. 💡 Hint: Use fn+↑ and fn+↓ to organize elements easier

Action step:

  1. During the session go through each slide

  2. Ask the participant to present their 3 facts

  3. Ask everyone else to vote with reactions which one they think is a lie

    1. 💡Hint: reactions can be found in the top right corner or at the bottom section if you are in the presentation mode

  4. Ask the participant to reveal which on is a lie by deleting the emoji square

Have fun ice-breaking!


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