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Whether you used Whiteboards for Jira, Confluence, or just Whiteboards.io, you are eligible for an exclusive Miro discount of up to 30% and access to a free migration path. This exclusive discount and migration path will be provided through Miro's partner, ServiceRocket

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Endless capabilities to unlock innovation

Miro includes a full suite of capabilities designed for innovation including diagramming, real-time data visualization, workshop facilitation, and built-in support for common product development processes, including Agile practices like estimation and retrospectives.

Endless capabilities to unlock innovation

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Keep your team's ideas, epics, stories, and tasks moving across Miro and Jira

Pull issues from Jira into Miro or turn ideas on sticky notes into Jira issues. Keep all information up to date with a real-time, 2-way sync. Discover how Miro's deep Atlassian integrations with Jira, Trello and Confluence can enrich collaboration.


Get creative with templates

Find inspiration to set up your virtual classroom or run company-wide strategy and planning with access to over 2,000 templates made by the Miro community and industry-leading organizations and experts

Get creative with templates

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Miro rated #1 by users

Miro is the leader in visual collaboration, transforming the ways distributed and hybrid teams work together.
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  • On August 31st, 2024, you will no longer be able to access your whiteboards.io files, and they will be deleted. Whiteboards.io recommends exporting your content before this date. If you are migrating to Miro, we recommend exporting in JSON format to take advantage of the free (or turn-key) migration service offered by ServiceRocket.

  • You have two options for migrating your whiteboards.io content: 1. Free self serve migration: Use the self-service migration tool provided by ServiceRocket to move your boards yourself. You'll receive a migration guide and access to support. 2. Turnkey solution: Let ServiceRocket experts handle the migration for you and provide onboarding. Whichever option you choose, you can find more information on the ServiceRocket page.

  • Whiteboards.io and Miro have partnered to offer all whiteboards.io users a special discount of up to 30% on Miro plans. This discount is available for 12 months on all Miro plans and must be activated before December 1st, 2024. You can request this discount through Miro's partner, ServiceRocket. In addition to the discount, ServiceRocket provides a completely free JSON-based migration service, as well as a premium turnkey solution for migrating your content.

  • Whether you used Whiteboards for Jira, Confluence, or just Whiteboards.io, you are eligible for an exclusive Miro discount of up to 30%. This offer is only valid for new Miro customers.

Ready to migrate from whiteboards.io to Miro?

Effortlessly migrate your ideas and projects from whiteboards.io to Miro and take advantage of Miro's robust features that complement your workflow. Our partner, ServiceRocket, offers a free self-service migration option as well as a turnkey solution. Click below to learn more!

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“When the pandemic hit, those of us who thrive on in-person collaboration were worried that our creativity and productivity would suffer. Miro was the perfect tool to help us with collaboration, whiteboarding, and retrospectives while remote.”

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Roxanne Mustafa

Design Team Lead at VMware

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“Miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.”

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Jane Ashley

Head of Design at DocuSign

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“As we used Miro we moved from skepticism to belief to innovation, and now we have a tool that’s at the core of what we do and will continue to extend into the future.”

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Laura Baird

Associate Design Director at frog

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