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Wily helps change agents tackle complex challenges, validate ideas quickly, and kickstart projects through Sprint workshops that get big things done…fast. Why walk or crawl when you can SPRINT?
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Wily specializes in minimizing innovation risk so you can unleash your life’s best work and accelerate its impact on the world. Our facilitators are innovation sherpas that guide teams through battle-tested workshops using proven tools and practices. We also train teams on how to apply these methods within their organizations.

We’re experts in delivering engaging experiences that prioritize tangible results over the discussion and endless meetings. Leveraging the best of collaborative work, our Sprints are interactive, focused workshops that help teams get big things done… fast. Our Client teams also say they’re fun and a great way to boost team morale.

Avoid big investments in untested ideas.

Our Design Sprints are a proven way to validate your product idea with customers in weeks, not months. Use Design Sprints to learn what customers think about your new or improved product, service, or process before investing months and millions into something your customers may not want, understand, or purchase.

Define goals worth achieving and clear paths to executing them.

Our Strategy Sprints draw on leading innovation tools and methods, including Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Behavior Change, and Business Strategy. Our experts leverage these tools to create a custom session that produces the results you need to move your project and team forward. Work smarter. Gain alignment. Make effective decisions. Keep teams motivated. Ensure accountability. Avoid missteps and rework. Skip strategic planning and start strategic doing.

Accelerate your team’s progress and turn ideas into action.

Our Decision Sprints align your team around a challenge and guide them to develop and evaluate ideas, make decisions, and map the next steps in two hours or less.

Skill Up.

We train individuals and teams on how to use these tools and approaches to level up and scale them across their organizations.

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Knight Foundation
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
Sunbelt Rentals
BMO Harris Bank
Adtalem Global Education
Kingsmen Software
“The Wily team facilitated a Strategy Sprint on a thorny, time-sensitive operational problem. Our group had reservations on how much progress we could make on such a complicated issue in so little time, but the Sprint allowed everyone in the group to share their best ideas, understand why we made the decisions we made, and make tremendous progress towards mapping our plan of attack. Going through the Sprint saved our group weeks' worth of meeting time. We walked away excited and aligned on what we needed to do to be successful moving forward.”
Austin Shrum, Senior Business Planning Manager, AvidXchange
“I'm amazed at what we accomplished under Wily's guidance and facilitation. Rounding out our team perfectly, the Wily team adopted our innovation challenge as their own and put the Design Sprint to work on our behalf. With strategic insight and relentless customer focus, they put our thought leaders and our bright ideas through the wringer—driving us through the hard work of new product development.”
Ibrahim Nasmyth, former Director of Business Advisory Services, Kingsmen Software
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