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We are delivering fresh insights and innovative thinking to help our clients achieve sustainable growth.
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We are delivering fresh insights and innovative thinking to help our clients achieve sustainable growth.

For innovation, it's not about seeing the future as an extension of past ideas, but rather a disposition to the present which facilitates meaningful new ideas. At mct, we support clients in developing this innovation mindset through our human-centered approach to uncover fresh insights and unlock transformational value.

We are driven to develop meaningful experiences for people based on a deep understanding of their goals and contextual needs. As a leading full-service design research consultancy, we support clients from initial opportunity identification to late-stage prototyping and business model development. Short-term to longer-term engagements easy to plug into an agile approach and training series for junior to senior members.

We are a Japanese company, with offices in Tokyo and Osaka. Our partners and project experience are global, with client work in 30+ cities across 20+ countries between Asia, Europe, North & South America.

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“mct's workshop using MIRO was a great example of how well the focus adjustment worked, from grasping the big picture to digging deeper into the insights of individual cases. Participants were motivated to participate without getting lost and were able to derive satisfactory outputs.”
Ms. Tomoko Hirayama, Business Development Center Experience Design Lion Corporation
“I enjoyed the process of exploring the islands along with the content of the training. I was also able to switch perspectives quite naturally: zoom out to see the entire process, or zoom in to do the work. Online workshops tend to be more text-based than offline, but the visual-based post-it work was the main focus of the workshop, which allowed the participants to work in a relaxed and playful manner.”
Konica Minolta, Inc.
“mct has organized a workshop that allows for lively discussions online as well as offline. Thank you so much.”
Shiseido Co.LTD
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