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We transform user experiences, unlock innovation potential and define growth strategies for today's forward-thinking businesses. How? We run strategic workshops, that help them find focus and move fast. Really fast. All remote.
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Just Mad is a fully remote consulting agency operating at the intersection of business, design, and innovation. Forward-thinking companies and organizations work with us to define growth strategies, create new products or services, and enhance their innovation potential. We use workshops and design thinking methodologies to understand customer needs and deliver stellar experiences that delight users and make businesses thrive in today's digital age.

Our mantra: Time is gold. Focus is key. We work with one client at a time, and act like an intervention unit to address a specific challenge or innovation need for your business. Our Design Sprint package can help you validate new ideas and business models, through rapid concept prototyping and testing. Our Design Thinking Interventions work great when you want to make improvements to your product or service to deliver better customer experiences. Growth seems to be stalling? No worries, our bullet-proofed Growth Workshop will help you generate high-impact experiments that drive user engagement and retention.

We combine elements of business strategy and design thinking to create solutions that balance out the needs of your customers and your company's objectives. We don't play around. Design Sprints: Our workshops help you de-risk initiatives and validate your ideas before making expensive commitments. We use Design Sprints to ideate, prototype, and test your ideas with real customers in a matter of weeks, not months, so that you can make the best decisions with confidence. We also train teams how to run Design Sprints on their own, successfully, every time. Design Thinking & UX Interventions: Design-led organizations outperform their competitors by a whopping 228%. We use the power of UX and Design Thinking best practices to target customer needs and optimize for exquisite experiences. From user research and journey mapping to rapid prototyping and testing, we've got you covered. Product Strategy & Growth: When we ask you "How does your product grow?" silence should not be the answer. We believe great design is the best competitive advantage.

We help companies and organizations align and define the winning strategies that drive real impact. We help them connect day-to-day work to meaningful outcomes using specialized workshops like the North Star Metric or our very Strategy Workshop. Did we mention we do all of this remotely? Let's talk!

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Nordic Oil
“Today's workshop at Fitbit with Just Mad about running growth experiments was amazing. Their insights are always a breath of fresh air. I totally recommend their Growth Sprint Workshop if you have a chance to attend. ”
Radu Vucea, Product Design Manager at Fitbit
“The Design Sprint training with Just Mad was an absolutely complete experience. Raz & Ana are great professionals and facilitators with a ton of experience and they shared a lot of best practices, tips and tricks as well as pitfalls and how to deal with them. After the training ended, we got all the resources we needed to run Design Sprint by ourselves, which was truly helpful. ”
Oana Chisalom, Instructional Design Lead @ UiPath
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