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Focus is the biggest design-sprint team in the CIS region that operates internationally. We help corporate innovators and fast-growing startups to test growth hacking ideas, build a digital prototype, and test it on real users in 2 weeks using a modified Google Venture approach.
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Focus is a team that innovates the Google Venture approach and uses design sprint principals to test new product ideas on real users building digital prototypes in just two weeks. We help get more than 300% ROI from design thinking and start any digital project 3 months faster.

More than one hundred thousand businesses are born daily. But 90% (123 300) of them fail. In the time you were reading this info here, 85 projects were probably shut down.

It's a considerable amount of money, time, and energy that we lose as a global community. It's a reasonable question why it happens again and again? From our experience, there two main reasons - lack of time for product-market fit and focus. How can we deal with this 'time and focus' challenge getting world-class product design and innovation expertise? There are several options.

You can build your internal product design and research team, but sometimes it's too early and time-consuming or goes to the agencies. Still, they are sometimes expensive and out of business-context or use freelancers with their unpredictable results.

At some point, we have a question - what if there were a solution that can bring on-demand top product design agencies just for two weeks? And come up with a solution - Focus.

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Remote design sprints
Digital transformation and startup launching in corporations
Startup acceleration
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Raiffeisen Bank
World Class Fitness Group
Gazprom Oil
Tele2 Group
“Max and his team are really passionate about helping startups (whether internally in big corporations or externally) survive and iterate on product development as efficiently as possible using there own design sprint methodology - Focus”
Bret Waters, Stanford University, CEO of 4thly
“Thanks a lot, Max ) I saw today everything and I really liked it ) Well done! It was very important to show the practical value of such a methodology (Focus) to the hole company and transfer knowledge effectively to our product teams.”
Oliver Kempkens, Managing Director in Sberbank, Leader of Sberbank's Design School
“Here we have highlighted and prioritized exactly five hypotheses, this allowed us not to lose focus and check the most important, as brand managers say 'insights'. In general, I really love the retrospective because it allows us to slow down at a certain point in the run and think about why and where we are running. And there was also a very high initiative on your part as if you were creating your own product.”
Alex Tur, Client experience manager in Tele2
“When you get to that level of understanding the details, you realize which ideas definitely don't work, where we definitely don't need to go. We have sifted out a lot of false hypotheses that can lead to confusion, getting lost, and spending too much time + money on it. You very much lived up to your name - Focus. Because we get a focus =) For me, as well as for the whole team, it gave a new level of confidence in what we do”
Yuriy Narvin, CEO of Molnia
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