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Agile and Scrum
Digital Products and Services
Digital Transformation
Design Thinking
Business Vision and Strategy
Management Consulting
Acumenian provides technology-driven strategic advisory services. Achieved with the application of analytics and improved technology solutions that help make agile data-driven decisions by leveraging on enhanced visibility.
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Acumenian helps leaders to have crystal clear visibility of their business to optimize their operations through Strategic Advisory, Analytics, and Technology.

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Strategic Advisory
Federal Grants
Organizational Development
Software Development
Agile Management
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Who we've
worked with
Public & Private Partnership Authority
Hewlett Packard
Highways & Transportation Authority of Puerto Rico
CPM Panama
Tourism Company of PR
Public Service Regulatory Board
Urban Train of Puerto Rico
Maritime Transportation Authority of Puerto Rico
CPM Builders
“Once the organization finishes the implementation of the organizational projects, as outline by your team, we will be an example in the nation...”
Federal Highways Administration
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