3 things we heard from our Miro learners this year

After connecting with Miro learners in live trainings and reading feedback on our courses, we’ve learned a lot in the past year. From experimenting with hybrid work, to improving working sessions with colleagues, to trying to get everything done more efficiently, we’ve been inspired by your hunger to work smarter.

Through earning badges in our Miro Verified program and attending our Miroversity Live event, we’ve heard powerful feedback that tells us where you’re focusing attention on your own development, and what work problems you’re experiencing right now. Over 25,000 badges have been earned across 130 countries through Miro Verified with an emphasis on building confidence with Miro basics and crafting effective maps and diagrams for your teams.

As we combed through the feedback from every learner, we noticed some themes in your questions that will help us develop new courses, badges, videos, and more in the upcoming year. They are captured in these three key questions from learners:

  • “How can I use Miro as an efficient capture and delivery tool for team projects? I want to brainstorm on a Miro board, build prototypes right next to the insights, and then collect feedback from the team all in one place.”
  • “How can I get practice with Miro before inviting others to collaborate? I want to build my confidence and get comfortable so that I can be more effective when we’re working together.”
  • “How can I use Miro to host agile events, especially if my team is new to this practice? I want to collaborate with my team to get work completed more regularly and improve our pace.”

We’ve heard you that you want to stay adaptable, gain confidence, and work smoothly with your colleagues to create great work. But we want to get an even deeper understanding of your goals so that we can continue creating the resources you need to be successful.

You can share your learning priorities, goals, and needs with us by filling out our brief survey. Our team is standing by, listening, and ready to walk alongside you in your Miro journey. Let’s keep growing together!

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Jennifer Clark, Manager of Miro Academy at Miro

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