An introduction to Agile development in a visual workspace

This guide illustrates the process of setting up and using a visual workspace based on the widely used Agile Scrum approach.

As more organizations embrace the Agile approach, they are increasingly faced with the same challenge: how to apply proven techniques to modern problem-solving and collaboration. This simply doesn’t work as effectively as needed, especially if a team is distributed.

Based on hundreds of conversations our team has had with Miro customers, we’ve learned that companies have to embrace the volatility of the marketplace and adapt to quickly changing business environments. Organizations have come to embrace their business models by using approaches such as Agile Scrum, Lean Startup, and design thinking. These approaches improve and hasten development and allow companies to act as industry innovators. Whatever the approach, collocated and remote team members share a common denominator: the need for productive collaboration.

For many respondents, agility ranks as a high strategic priority in their performance units. The more unstable that respondents say their environments are, the more likely they are to say their companies have begun Agile transformations.

Developing a visual workspace platform, we know that to establish collaboration in the office or remotely, it is best to ensure that all the meetings have a high degree of visual techniques to stimulate collaboration. But how do you get the full value from these techniques when your team is distributed? The collaboration tools help ensure clear and timely communication between sites.

We’ve created this guide to help Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, and their teams enhance the collaboration process and make it adaptable for remote employees.

This guide will help you to discover:

  • Agile solutions for development process roadblocks
  • Our clients’ best practices for setting up the Agile process in a hybrid or remote environment
  • Instructions for rolling out your process in Miro

Companies such as Qlik, Trimble, Ipreo, Amdocs, Skyscanner, Solvay and Mingle Analytics already use Miro to stay Agile and enhance collaboration. We hope this guide will help your teams find the solutions and techniques required to meet their objectives.

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