A visual guide to Distributed 2019

On October 8-10 2019, we hosted Distributed 2019 — the largest virtual summit for enterprise product teams. We were grateful and honored to have over 13K participants from 86 countries! They were able to learn how to facilitate remote meetings, run design sprints with distributed teams, scale agile practices, and build high-performing product teams.

For our team at Miro, the summit was a big learning experience as well. We were trying to figure out the right tool stack to make all attendees feel engaged and ensure that their experience was enjoyable and frictionless. And while Zoom provided a great webinar platform for hosting live virtual events, and Slack helped enable conversations for our community, something was missing.

We wanted to create an artifact people can have after the conference — a list of notes that will help them remember and reuse suggestions and best practices for distributed collaboration. We also wanted to make our panel discussions more engaging, so we decided to do a pilot and take visual notes live in Miro during all of them. It was fun to use our platform for visual notetaking, and we are excited to share the boards so you can revisit them and use them to improve your team’s collaboration.

Anna has written about experience design, product development, and workshop facilitation. She has been working in distributed teams for three years, and she is passionate about helping these teams to succeed.

Building a culture of trust:
How to develop strong Engineering, Product and Design partnerships

How do you foster strong cross-functional relationships and keep teams motivated, productive, aligned, and engaged? The team at Pivotal dove into the challenges of cross-team collaboration and shared insights from all perspectives. They shared how to build trust among product, design and development teams.


Aloka Penmetcha

Director of Product Management at Pivotal

Shanfan Huang

Design Lead at Pivotal

Matthew Horan

Engineering Lead at Pivotal

Rosie Fan

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Becoming a great agile organization: Change management from change-makers

What does it mean to be an agile organization? How can you grow your team’s agile maturity? Experts Mary Thorn and Bob Galen share their strategies for developing, implementing and scaling agile practices to foster a high-performing agile organization.

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Mary Thorn

Agile Practice Lead at Vaco

Bob Galen

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Turning UX research into action: From brainstorming to activation

Communication is key to ensuring customer research results in smart product and design decisions. This is how UX research leaders at top product companies ensure findings are collected, synthesized, and distributed across teams and locations for maximum impact.


Jessica Drizin

Sr. Experience Researcher at Upwork

Julie Norvaisas

Sr. Director, User Experience Research at LinkedIn

Summer Kim

Head of Research at WhatsApp

Sarah Beldo

Director of Content at Mirohttps://miro.com/app/embed/o9J_kw93fNc=/?autoplay=yep

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Building and hiring distributed product teams

What qualities should you look for when hiring distributed team members? How do you build trust and establish cultural norms when members are scattered across locations and time zones? A founder, department head, and head of people all share their insights recruiting, hiring and developing distributed product teams.


Hiten Shah

Co-Founder at FYI, Kissmetrics

Jessica Tiwari

VP of Product Management at Upwork

Chloe Oddleifson

Director of People Ops at Dribbble

Andreas Klinger

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Creating a culture of high performance amongst distributed teams

People executives AJ Josephson, Amy Zebrowski, and Mazzy Cameron walk us through their strategies for creating high-performing teams in distributed organizations, including performance drivers, professional development, and considerations for diversity and inclusion.


Amy Zebrowski

HR Director at Wrike

Mazzy Cameron

Director of People and Org Development at StubHub

AJ Josephson

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Achieving customer-centricity: Unlocking data for product development

Product development teams need to move quickly to keep up with competition, market demands and their customers but customer and market feedback is not always what drives our roadmaps. With stakeholders and other inputs sometimes clouding the vision, how do you unlock the right data to make informed decisions about the products you’re building? Job, Vicky, and Tim share their learnings about creating a product culture that’s data-driven and customer-centric.


Job van der Voort

CEO at Remote.com; former VP of Product at GitLab

Vicky Volvovski

Sr. Director of Product at Zapier

Tim Lombardo

Director of Product Management at Pivotal

Barbra Gago

CMO at Miro

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A manager’s guide to distributed team leadership

Managing distributed teams has its advantages. Four leaders explain how they manage, mentor and develop their distributed teams. They also share practical tips and tricks to make the most out of asynchronous collaboration to drive performance across your team.


Erin Casali

Product Experience Director; Automattic

Jeremy Wight

VP of Product & Engineering; Base

Jera Vincelli

Sr. UX Designer; Amazon

Suzanne Holloway

Director of Growth Marketing; Miro

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Co-creating with clients: Aligning, designing, and delivering results

Agencies have a unique role when it comes to creating design solutions. Here is how leaders at three agencies bring their clients into the design process to deliver meaningful solutions that create an impact.


Aaron Bart

VP of Creative Services at 3Q Digital

James Hobbs

VP of Design at Metalab

Fedor Shkliarau

Senior Product Designer at Aj&Smart

Sarah Beldo

Director of Content at Miro

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