3 benefits of Miro’s powerful Jira integration

Product development teams are constantly looking for ways to focus their time and energy on building products and reducing time spent on alignment and documentation. But oftentimes it’s too easy for complexity and tool overload to get in the way of progress – driving decreased product quality, disconnection, and delayed time-to-market.

That’s why it’s so important for teams to use tools that unlock free-flowing creativity and innovation instead of inhibiting it. With the simple-but-powerful integration between Miro and Jira, our customers are upleveling real-time collaboration like never before – and doing so across the diverse set of stakeholders and tools that product development demands.

Visualizing Jira issues in Miro is a small yet important piece of the puzzle that helps teams see the big picture and move projects forward at speed. Today we will share the three most popular ways in which the Jira integration has helped our users deliver great products to their customers.

Benefit #1: Create a shared understanding across all stakeholders

Visually organize tasks the way you want

Miro’s Jira integration allows you to look at projects from different angles and at different altitudes. When you’re working with various groups of stakeholders who are interested in different information, some may just want to see high-level overview while others will want to dive into every detail.

Visualizing tasks and organizing them in a way that makes sense to different people is key to providing transparency. In some cases you may want to create a more simplified overview than a task-tracker provides, so that you understand the big picture and how it all comes together.

Miro provides the flexibility to shuffle project elements around and re-organize them in a way that makes the most sense for each stakeholder – helping you avoid duplicating and recreating content elsewhere.

Benefit #2: Empower teams with the right context

Bring all task-related information into one place

Bringing all the elements of a project into one view is critical to understanding the work that needs to be done. This allows teams to see how tasks ladder up to business goals or show what user problems are being solved. When working only in Jira, product dev teams rely on text and link-outs to other tools from a Jira issue when referencing prototypes, progress, and more. In Miro, you can ground all your Jira tasks in the proper context by bringing in other supporting components to a project – from design files, to diagrams, and meeting notes – helping to eliminate the need to switch between tools and other sources of information.

Having everything visually represented in one place goes a long way in helping teams complete tasks efficiently. It also helps improve the output quality by connecting each individual task to the bigger picture of the project.

Benefit #3: Reduce risk of misalignment and delays

Visualize dependencies between tasks

Without insight into dependencies, teams are destined for frustration throughout the project. The last thing you want is to suddenly realize there’s additional work that wasn’t accounted for. This opens the door to even more risk – if you were relying on other teams that weren’t aware of the dependency, the project deadlines or actual outcome could be completely undermined.

Clearly communicating dependencies across stakeholders helps teams determine the order of tasks, and enables more seamless execution and delivery. Visualizing these dependencies in Miro helps create stronger connections between contributors to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction and the project will be completed on time and on scope.

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Across industries and product development teams, our customers are finding creative ways to get more from Jira and Miro. Even within Atlassian, users are taking advantage of the integration to bridge the gap between ideation and execution. Megan Cook, Head of Product for Jira shared, “In Miro, people from all different roles can easily get together to collaborate, explore different ideas, brainstorm, and make sure they get alignment. That paves the way for better execution so that in Jira, teams can take those ideas and make it happen.”

With the many collaboration and project management tools available to product development teams, it can feel too unwieldy to bring your work together in one pane of glass. The Miro + Jira integration can help you make this dream a reality. Instead of risking misalignment, you can save time, improve work quality, and deliver customer value faster. Visualizing Jira Cards in Miro helps you to see the big picture and keep teams moving forward from ideation to execution — ultimately delivering a better customer experience.

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