Workshop Prep Canvas


Where do you start when you have to make your own workshop? What to choose and why? This template aims at helping you answer exactly those questions. This template is aimed at workshop facilitators, product designers, product managers or anyone looking to run a workshop. It helps the creator in going through the process of creating a workshop and defining the agenda, logistics, as well as the more facilitative aspects such as energy management or ground rules.

How does The Workshop Prep Canvas work?

You’ll go through gathering the relevant information and designing the workshop:

  1. Workshop goal

  2. Workshop type

  3. Design the actual workshop Content / process

  4. Determine participants

  5. Determine logistics

  6. How do you plan to manage energy & ground rules

  7. Dates, times & location

  8. Determine the detailed agenda (for the participants)


Raluca Piteiu-Apostol image
Raluca Piteiu-Apostol
Product Management Consultant@Accesa; Savvient Global
I am a product management consultant passionate about design thinking and workshop facilitation. I believe we can achieve great things by collaborating and working together to solve user problems or addressing their needs.
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