Wordle Check-In


Wordle Team Check-In Activity

This simple check in activity, based on the popular online game Wordle, can be used to see how all your team members are doing at the beginning of a meeting/retro/event/etc.

To use, each team member simply drags an emoji from the bottom and aligns it with the game of Wordle that best represents how they're feeling at that time. From "Okay" to "Violent", it's surely going to open up some lively conversations among team members.


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Paul Snedden
Agile Coach
G'day, I'm Paul from the country where it's always tomorrow. You'd know it as Australia. I'm an Agile Coach, helping teams think differently to solve problems. I'm also a big believer in making work fun - one great way of doing that is by mixing up the normal drudgery of meetings. The templates I create here can be used to bring alignment and collaboration, but in fun ways using games, themes, movies, music. If you think it, you can do it.
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