What's On Your Radar?


The What’s On Your Radar template allows you and your team to have a conversation around which ideas (captured by sticky notes) are most intense, significant or strong. Important ideas or solutions will be clearly visible towards the center of the diagram, while not as critical notes can be found on the perimeter of the outer circle. This allows you to shift perspective and prioritize the most meaningful notes.

The first step in mapping out your radar diagram is to label it. Choose a central task to solve and write it in the space above the radar. Then, mark each corner with themes barriers and enablers based on importance.

Now you’ll want to input views and place them on the diagram based on importance. Fill out digital sticky notes with topics or phrases that are top of mind to the Theme. Generally, the closer to the center the more important the theme is to you. Try using a different color for each user.

When done, the What’s On Your Radar diagram serves as an excellent record of what was most important at the time. You can repeat this exercise every 3-6 months in order to stay consistent and shape your project’s progress. 

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