The UX Idea Matrix Brainstorming With AI


Step into a world of user-centric innovation with "The UX Idea Matrix with AI" template on Miroverse! This template offers a structured approach to tackling design challenges, combining user experience journeys with specialized AI assistance for a truly focused brainstorming session.

Key Features

  • Multi-Dimensional Design Challenge Exploration: Address three key design challenges through "How might we" questions, integrating them seamlessly with five critical steps of the user experience journey, ensuring thorough problem-solving and innovative outcomes,

  • AI-Powered Brainstorming Assistance: Utilize three specialized AI tools from Spark Innovation Hub to generate ideas, provide insights, and facilitate creative thinking, helping teams overcome blocks and expand their horizons,

  • Collaborative Digital Workspace: Engage your team on a dynamic virtual whiteboard, allowing real-time collaboration regardless of location. The AI tools enhance interactions by offering instant suggestions and feedback.

Ideal for

  • Corporate Teams and Startups:

    Perfect for groups looking to innovate products and services with a structured, user-centered approach,

  • UX & Design Educators, Facilitators, and Trainers: A comprehensive toolkit to teach and implement structured problem-solving and innovation methodologies,

  • Design Consultants and Agencies: A robust platform for professionals in creative industries to run workshops and develop strategies collaboratively.


  • User-Centric Problem-Solving: Integrate traditional design thinking with advanced AI to delve into user needs and create solutions that truly resonate,

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Minimize remote collaboration challenges, ensuring every team member can contribute effectively, supported by AI-driven insights and suggestions,

  • Accelerated Innovation: Speed up the process from ideation to prototyping with tools that streamline analysis and idea generation.

Discover "The UX Idea Matrix with AI" template and transform your brainstorming sessions into powerful, user-focused innovation experiences. Navigate challenges with clarity, creativity, and the cutting-edge assistance of AI.

Design with people, not just for them, and have fun! <3


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