Theory of Change


The Theory of Change canvas was designed to enable organisations map collaboratively how their activities contribute to the long-term goal they want to achieve.


  1. As a first step define together with the team why you are doing this project and what goal you want to achieve.

  2. Think about the contribution you will need and decide who should be part of the team.


  1. Start by understanding the ecosystem of your organisation and who are the stakeholders involved.

  2. Write down the ultimate vision of change, the reason why your organisation exists.

  3. Think about the impact of the activities your organisation run, and map the other levels of change that it contributes to.

  4. Use the Analysis canvas to define Activities / Outputs and Outcome, and create connections among them.

  5. Finally, establish for each one of these assumptions and indicators to measure impact.


  1. Write down who is your target audience, their needs, and why you want to communicate the Theory of Change to them.

  2. Based on the audience, reflect on the content you want to show, the channels you could use to reach them, and what is the best format to display the information.

Remember it is a collaborative process and embrace testing and iteration at every step of the process.


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Piera Mattioli
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