The Pizza Party Retro


The pizza party retrospective is a fun and easy way to boost the communication of what went well and what slowed the team during current sprint. Based on the topics addressed during the retrospective, the team agrees on the improvement activities needed for future sprint.

The story - Imagine the team deciding to go out and eat. The team finds a pizzeria and decides to halt.

Going through the menu – Talk the team through the agenda of the session.

The Food Metaphor – These are your appetizers! Time-box the activity to 2mins. Ask the members to paste a picture of their favorite food. Once the timer stops, people can talk about what they like and why?

The Main Course - The team decides to have a pizza-rustic crust extra-large. Yummm! The pizza has three slices. The perfect slice- the one we liked. Put stickies on what was perfect in the last sprint.

What did we learn? (perhaps broccoli on pizza can be great too) – put stickies on the new learnings / discoveries in the last sprint.

What did we long for? Did we need some extra cheese or perhaps more toppings? Put stickies for all the things we lacked. What can we put to make the pizza (read: future sprint) better?

Give the team 10 minutes to put stickies for all three slices

Once the team finishes, go through the stickies and brainstorm.

Desserts for parcel -Based on the outcomes of the brainstorming session, the team finds improvements/ action items/ learning lessons for future sprints. Note them down in this section. These are your takeaways.

How was your experience? Leave the feedback for the retro before you checkout. For your time in this retrospective, how do you measure the return on your investment (of your time)? For example- I am super-happy; this was really worth my time; Didn’t help much! Put stickies and describe.




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