The Daisy-Inspired Meeting


The daisy-inspired meeting template. Efficient meetings in full bloom.

There is a blend of the art of effective meetings with the grace of daisy. Step into the world of efficient meetings with a twist of floral elegance. Embrace the harmony of organized efficiency and the blossoming daisy flower in your meetings. Discover how the principles of daisy simplicity can enhance your meetings, fostering focused discussions and achieving productive outcomes.

Navigate through a template inspired by the daisy's structure. From agenda-focused daisy petals, participants, through the next petals like an action-item-packed petal, ideas petal, to the parking on the stem.

Try it and dive into the immersive world of the allure of daisy that streamline discussions, keeping participants aligned and conversations on point. See how daisies can inspire you to lead meetings that flourish.


Joanna Ciemińska-Barłóg image
Joanna Ciemińska-Barłóg
Agile Coach, facilitator@Santander Bank Polska
Agile Coach, facilitator, servant leader, strenght coach, mentor, Miro enthusiast
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