The Challenge Bowl


The Challenge Bowl provides a fun and easy way for team members to answer questions and complete short activities as a fun and easy way to deepen team bonds.

Pick one item from the Challenge Bowl each day liven up daily scrums or run through the entire board to engage during virtual team lunches and happy hours.

How it Works:

  1. You'll need a logged-in facilitator to reveal hidden frames

  2. Each team member takes turns selecting a challenge (numbered sticky note from the bowl). Use the color key to determine whether you select a silly question, thoughtful question, or a short activity.

  3. The facilitator reveals the challenge and team members must answer a question or complete an activity before moving on to the next item.

Be prepared for some fun, giggles, and even some deep thinking. You can even alter the template to create your own Team Challenge Bowl with specific content tailored towards your team.


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Shaun Sheehan
Scrum Master
Coaching Teams to excel through Agility and Innovation. I am passionate about process improvement, business innovation, and global collaboration. When people work together they achieve great things!
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