"The Big Picture" Puzzle Icebreaker


The Puzzle template was created for our company offsite both as an icebreaker and also to teach some lessons about collaboration.

Use this template as an icebreaker for any size group or as a game to teach the importance of communication, working norms, shared vision, and big picture thinking in teamwork.

How to use:

Set up ahead of the activity

  • Create your own puzzle first from an image either by cutting the image into a grid. I created my puzzle using https://thejigsawpuzzles.com/ which allows you to create your own puzzle and save each piece as its own image. UPDATE: thejigsawpuzzles.com no longer lets you save puzzle pieces as images by default but there is a workaround. Scroll down to the very bottom of the puzzle page and locate the link labeled "Compatibility mode" in the lower-right part of the page. Clicking the link will revert the puzzle to the original engine which has this feature enabled.

  • Upload the puzzle piece images to the template in the open working space and mix them up. I rotated some of my pieces to increase the difficulty.

  • Duplicate this, to create multiple puzzles if you have a large group

Activity facilitation (5 minutes)

  • Read instructions on the template to the team(s) which include setting a timer and following a very simple set of rules to build the puzzle within the allotted time.

  • My template is paired with a basic retrospective about collaboration immediately after the activity as a debrief so just account for extra facilitation time if doing that.


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