BB - Team Library - Star Wars Theme


Star Wars themed building block (BB) of the complex template for the team board, that allows you interact with the team, on other than work-related basis. This part is focused on sharing the read-worthy books. Recommendations for a knowledge and creativity sourcer to help team with brainstorming, connecting and collaboration.

Splitting the board in to building blocks gives you more versatile way to use this template and build it on the needs of your team.


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Chanez Khatirová
Delivery Coach@ACTUM Digital
Hi there!👋🏻 I'm Chanez, and some people might say I'm still a kid 👶🏼at heart, well maybe... My mind is always buzzing with ideas on how to turn the ordinary into something fun. I count myself lucky🍀 to be surrounded by inspiring, imaginative folks, which inspires me to look for ways, how to give our teams a cheer, and playground 🛝 experience.
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